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Mal Monroe provides businesses and individuals a way to have precise machining jobs done quickly. Is there a part or tool you need a.s.a.p.? What about something you can't find on the market - for instance from an older model tractor, or other piece of equipment? Mal's knowledge of metals and his expertise in precision machining helps him design and create specialty tools. He modified a tool for a trucker so it will last many times longer than the original.
Mal started learning his trade in high school machine shop and first worked in a shop at age 18. From there he expanded his knowledge of metals and machining while attending an Institute of Technology. Then he worked for a variety of different machine shops perfecting his skills. With a total of about 40 year's experience, he opened his own shop. Now he can do the work he truly enjoys, helping businesses and individuals with their one-time or ongoing needs for precision machining and fabrication.
Mal has numerous interests and hobbies, including building and shooting black powder firearms. He designed and built his favorites: A black powder cannon and mortar. The cannon's projectile is a juice can filled with concrete and the mortar fires golf balls! Mal also enjoys dirt track sprint car racing and nitro methane drag racing.
Machining is still his main interest and Mal is always willing to consult with a customer. Then he can provide the exact item or service needed within the best timeframe using cost effective methods.